3rd CSO meeting and Annual Consultations with the CBSS Observer States under the Polish Presidency

On 2-3 December the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm hosted the 3rd CBSS Committee of Senior Officials meeting under the Polish Presidency. It began with the CBSS Annual Consultations with the Observer States. Polish Embassy in Stockholm hosted an official dinner for the participants of the Annual Consultations.

Both meetings were chaired by Ambassador Michał Czyż.

Mr Czyż briefed the Observer States on the Polish CBSS Presidency priorities and activities. He emphasized the attempts aimed at building synergies across the region and referred to the joint meetings on culture and sustainable development (climate change adaptation) and the 9th Culture Ministerial Meeting that were held under the Polish Chairmanship.

Representatives of the Observer States stressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation with the CBSS and identified several areas, where joint endeavors could be enhanced. Migration issues, counteracting human trafficking, civil protection, children’s rights, sustainable development, culture and creativity were mentioned in that respect. Observers also expressed their interest in strengthening links between the CBSS and other regional organizations, structures and macro-regional strategies, in which they are active.

The following countries are CBSS Observers: Belarus, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

In November 2015 Hungary applied for an official observer status and joined the Annual Consultations on 2 December.

On 3rd Decembermembers of the Committee of Senior Officials discussedthe results and possible follow-up of the two joint meetings on culture and sustainable development (climate change adaptation). It was concluded that this innovative formula, initiated by the Polish Chairmanship, is a good tool for creating more cohesion and synergy across the region and that it should be continued.

CSOs discussed the future of the Project Support Facility post 2017 and approved the two final projects of the initial agreed amount of PSF funding over the last three years.

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Members of the CSO confirmed the decision of the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development, made on 28th October in Warsaw, regarding the group’s mandate post 2015.

Participants of the meeting were also briefed about the work of the Expert Group on Cooperation for Children at Risk, with a special focus on recent achievements and future priorities.

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