Baltic Sea Future – environmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region


The Baltic Sea needs to be saved!

Last year’s success is back at Stockholmmässan (Stockholm Exhibition Centre): on 8-9 March Baltic Sea Future, an interdisciplinary congress, is held to promote environmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. Some of the most reputable figures within this field are present to educate and exchange knowledge about environmental issues in and around the Baltic Sea.

For two days, environmental and sustainability questions of concern for the future of the Baltic Sea will be discussed and as a journalist, you are welcome to attend the Congress.

Baltic Sea Future is a two-day congress where mayors and civil servants, national and international decision-makers, researchers and companies from the Baltic Sea countries gather for interdisciplinary discussions, seminars and workshops. The purpose of the Congress is to build a unique platform for exchange of experience, inspiration, tools, innovations and leadership. The programme involves politicians, researchers and key decision-makers from different target groups in the Baltic Sea Region.

Baltic Sea Future starts Thursday, 8 March, with Karin Wanngård, City Commissioner of Finance in Stockholm, Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University, and Christina Rudén from the foundation “Hållbara Hav” (Sustainable Sea) speaking and opening the Congress.

The aim of this gathering of specialists, mayors and commissioners is to highlight the challenges of the Baltic Sea; to develop a vision for the Baltic Sea and to elaborate how to achieve the UN sustainability goals (SDGs) within the framework of the Agenda 2030. Therefore, the Congress focuses in particular on leadership for supporting municipalities and help them to work systematically and strategically towards the SDGs, and to create sustainable financing models and toolboxes for behavioural change.

This year, the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) is an official partner of the Baltic Sea Future Congress. Krista Kampus, Senior Adviser and Head of the Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 2030 at the Council of the Baltic Sea States, will present the Baltic 2030 Action Plan which serves as the framework for achieving the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region. The CBSS will also participate in the panel discussion on communication and behavioural changes in regard to climate change and global warming; as well as in the workshop “Innovative climate change practices and funding instruments”, which will showcase best practices within the EUSBSR projects IWater and BioBIGG.



As a journalist, you are welcome to attend the Congress and the seminar program.

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Baltic Sea Future offers a rich programme during the two days at Stockholmmässan. See the entire programme here.

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If you have questions or want to interview someone from the Council of the Baltic Sea States before or during the Congress, please contact:

Anthony Jay Olsson, CBSS Head of Media & Communications, 08 440 19 40

Andriy Martynenko, CBSS Press Officer for the CBSS Baltic 2030 Unit, 08 440 19 37


For more information, please contact:

Liisa Aus, Stockholm Trade Fair Press Officer, 070 789 41 53


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