Baltic TRAM Mid-Term Discussions

The discussions on Baltic TRAM first implementation phase in a wider context of science-business cooperation and smart specialisation were commenced by the second Baltic TRAM High Level Group meeting on 25 October 2017 hosted by the CBSS Secretariat. The meeting, assembling managing authorities and distinguished experts of analytical facilities, was followed by the Baltic TRAM Mid-Term Conference “Analytical Research for Industry – Novel Options for Enhanced Cooperation” hosted by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

The conference provided a glimpse of the latest European and Baltic Sea Region-wide policy-level thinking and showcased the leading science-business cooperation initiatives, such as Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays (LINX) and Excelsus Structural Solutions.

The event highlighted to the wider audience three reports which explain the latest dynamics of the multi-level governance, smart specialisation and science diplomacy across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond it:

The mapping exercise captured in the BSR Policy Briefing 4/2017 “National innovation and smart specialisation governance in the Baltic Sea region: Laying grounds for an enhanced macro-regional science-business cooperation” was concluded by identifying sustainable energy as one of the three strongly shared smart specialisation priorities among the Baltic Sea Region´s countries. In order to ensure that Baltic TRAM findings regarding this thematic area are based on a comprehensive outlook, during the second Baltic TRAM High Level Group meeting the CBSS publication “Energy Efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region: Policy and Project Review” was outlined as a potential source of valuable earlier findings on the subject matter.

Among other agenda items of the second meeting of the Baltic TRAM High Level Group was the project partners´ Letter of Intent which defines principles of open data access. The document is designed to facilitate further introduction of relevant stakeholders to how Baltic TRAM supports the commitments enshrined in the Lund Declaration 2015, Reflection Paper on Harnessing Globalisation as well as the Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe through the project´s open data pilot´s adherence to the European Open Science Cloud. Thus, Baltic TRAM emerges as one of the notable macro-regional test-beds which crafts a vision and practical implementation measures how the Baltic Sea Region can jointly advance open science and open data.


Baltic TRAM press release regarding the conference is available here.

Presentations of the Baltic TRAM Mid-Term Conference are available here.

Photo album is available here.


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