Call for applications for universities to run CBSS Summer University 2017

CBSS Summer University in Adger 2016

CBSS Summer University in Adger 2016

In the last two years, the CBSS has been implementing summer universities at Södertörn University (Sweden), St. Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia) and Agder University (Norway). Read more about the impressions from CBSS Summer University here.

To enable SU’s in 2017, the CBSS Secretariat is ready to act as an Associate Project Partner (unpaid) for Summer Universities, and in this capacity, provide its logo plus some fund-raising and communications support (e.g website access, newsletter access, access to relevant BSR stakeholders, such as EUSBSR PA Education) to Academic Project Partners interested in executing a Summer University. The CBSS Secretariat is also ready to offer academic material, such as books & papers, and networks in its Member States.

For a full overview of the criteria for running a CBSS Summer University 2017 and the application form, see the documents below:

Criteria CBSS Summer University 2017 

Application Form for CBSS Summer University 2017


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