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Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) is a forum for political dialogue between parliamentarians from the Baltic Sea Region. BSPC gathers parliamentarians from 11 national parliaments, 11 regional parliaments and 5 parliamentary organisations around the Baltic Sea. The BSPC thus constitutes a unique parliamentary bridge between the EU- and non-EU countries of the Baltic Sea Region. BSPC aims at raising awareness on issues of current political interest and relevance for the Baltic Sea Region. It strives at enhancing the visibility of the Baltic Sea Region and its issues in a wider European context. The Chair-in-Office of the CBSS traditionally participates in the annual general assembly of the BSPC. Work of the BSPC is supported by its Secretariat that manages the overall coordination of the BSPC activities, delivers administrative and organisational support, and provides investigative resources. It is situated in Schwerin, Germany.

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