Strategic Documents

Throughout the year the Council of the Baltic Sea States holds a number of international and regional meetings. These culminate in two alternating high-level meetings, either a CBSS Ministerial or a Baltic Sea States Summit. The Summit is held by the Head of Government of the presiding Member State and the Ministerial is held by the Foreign Minister of the respective CBSS Member State. Both of these meetings are also attended by a representative from the European Commission. Here we provide you with an historical overview of our yearly meetings and the communiques and declarations that eminate from them. We also provide you with a calendar with upcoming meetings and dates.

Download Council Communiques

2017 Reykjavik Declaration on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Council of Baltic Sea Statesn

2016 CBSS Warsaw Declaration: Regional Responses to Global Challenges

2016 Annex to the CBSS Warsaw Declaration: Regional Responses to Global Challenges

2016 CBSS Declaration Baltic 2030, Warsaw

2015 CBSS 9th Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Baltic Sea States Final conclusions

2015 Note of the CBSS Committee of Senior Officials to the Council on the Implementation of the CBSS Long-term Priorities

2015 Strategic Actions taken to implement the CBSS long-term priorities

2014 CBSS Declaration on the Implementation of the Vilnius Declaration on A Vision for the Baltic Sea Region by 2020
2014 Decision by the Council of the Baltic Sea States on a Review of the CBSS Long Term Priorities
2013 CBSS 18th Ministerial Session Declaration, Pionersky
2012 CBSS 5th Conference of Ministers of Transport Declaration, Moscow
2012 CBSS 17th Ministerial Session Declaration on Energy Security in the Baltic Sea Region
2011 CBSS 16th Ministerial Session Declaration, Oslo
2009 CBSS 15th Ministerial Session Declaration, Elsinore
2007 CBSS 14th Ministerial Session Declaration
2007 CBSS 14th Ministerial Session Joint Communique
2005 CBSS 13th Ministerial Session Communique
2003 CBSS 12th Ministerial Session Communique
2002 CBSS 11th Ministerial Session Declaration
2001 CBSS 10th Ministerial Session Communique
2000 CBSS 9th Ministerial Session Communique
1999 CBSS 8th Ministerial Session Communique
1998 CBSS 7th Ministerial Session Communique
1997 CBSS 6th Ministerial Session Communique
1996 CBSS 5th Ministerial Session Communique
1995 CBSS 4th Ministerial Session Communique
1994 CBSS 3rd Ministerial Session Communique
1993 CBSS 2nd Ministerial Session Communique
1992 CBSS 1st Ministerial Session Communique