Discussing the future of the EuroFaculty Programme in Potsdam, Germany

A workshop to discuss the future of the EuroFaculty Programme was held on 4-5 October 2017. About 20 experts from Higher Educations Institutions (HEIs) in the Baltic Sea Region, representatives from the CBSS Secretariat, the CBSS CSO and the Brandenburg Ministry of Justice, for European Affairs & Consumer Protection met in in Potsdam, Germany, to exchange ideas of what can be done in the field of higher education cooperation in the BSR under the auspices of CBSS.

The workshop, hosted by the Brandenburg Ministry of Justice, for European Affairs & Consumer Protection, focused in particular on Higher Education Institutions’ cooperation as a driver for innovation, start-ups and jobs, academic mobility and the internationalisation of HEI administrations.

The workshop participants gave valuable insights into the challenges of HEIs nowadays and highlighted a number of solutions and actions to be taken, such as creating mobility schemes for young researchers, upscaling the concept of the CBSS Summer Universities, and offering capacity-building to the administrative staff that deals with internationalisation at the universities.

The CBSS Secretariat also stressed the need for a continuous dialogue between the experts in the field and the political level on the role of higher education in relation to the CBSS Regional Identity priority.

The results of the workshop will also be presented at the upcoming CBSS CSO meeting in Stockholm, after which a roadmap for the future is to be set out.

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