Seminar “A Labour Market for All: Using Resources of Longer Lives”



























The seminar is organized together with EUSBSR PA Education in the framework of the project BSR SMART LIFE preparing a platform for collaboration on lifelong learning, upgrading skills for an ageing work force and linked to the smart specialization.

This seminar will focus on widening the number of stakeholders and finding synergies with other flagships and initiatives, such as the Baltic Sea Labour Forum and the initiative on the European Social Fund financed project Sustainable Working Life.

Europe is the most rapidly ageing society in the world, and within Europe, some countries in the Baltic Sea Region are among those with the highest median age. In the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region a flagship is being prepared to address the demographic challenges. An existing flagship, the Baltic Sea Labour Forum, with the CBSS Secretariat as the flagship leader, will develop a new platform where stakeholders will be gathered for joint development, co-creation of new policies and new methods. This seminar is part of the process to form this platform, discussing thematic priorities and which stakeholders to invite to the thematic working groups.

Online registration form for all parties interested in attending the event.

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