Gender Parity in the Research Context

On the occasion of the recently celebrated World Science Day for Peace and Development 2017, Ambassador Maira Mora engaged in the Plenary Session 1: The Role of Gender Equality in ERA Development of the Genera conference “Accelerating ERA Development by Promotion of Gender Equality in STEM Research”.

The event was a timely occasion to point out how the Baltic TRAM advances women in project management positions. It also allowed to present a number of specific strands of the CBSS Baltic 2030 Action Plan, which set in motion the promotion of gender parity across the Baltic Sea Region.

Ambassador Maira Mora´s speech is available here.

UNESCO list of events organised worldwide in relation to the World Science Day for Peace and Development 2017 are displayed here. Ambassador Maira Mora´s engagement in Genera conference is outlined under the country section “Sweden”.


Photographer: Edgaras Kurauskas

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