Impressions from the Baltic Sea Future Congress 2018

The CBSS Baltic 2030, as coordinator of the EUSBSR Horizontal Action Climate, was an official partner of the second Baltic Sea Future Congress, which took place on the 8-9 March 2018 in Stockholm. The focus of the congress was climate change action for a sustainable Baltic Sea. The Head of CBSS Baltic 2030 Unit, Krista Kampus, participated in the plenary session on the 8th of March, introducing the Baltic 2030 Action Plan and the collaborative action of the BSR countries towards sustainable development and climate goals.

The CBSS was also the main organiser of the plenary session “Climate Change Adaptation”, where the European Commission and partners from Sweden and Germany introduced their work for supporting climate measures on the macro-regional and local levels. Elena Visnar-Malinowska, Head of Unit, Adaptation to Climate Change, European Commission praised the work done in the region: “You at the Baltic Sea Region are the frontrunners in leadership and cooperation, setting benchmarks in climate action…But there is still a lot to be done for Paris Agreement implementation.” The contribution of the CBSS continued in the workshop “How can organisations best plan for climate change resilience”, where participants jointly reflected on the most efficient measures for climate adaptation and how to implement them.

On 9th March our partners from Finland and Poland introduced IWater and, two projects supported by EUSBSR Horizontal Action Climate, and Mr. Ugis Zanders, member of the Baltic 2030 Expert Group on Sustainable Development (EGSD) shared the experiences of Latvia in Green Public Procurement. In cooperation with INTERREG, four programmes for financing cross-border cooperation were introduced in the session “Innovative climate adaptation practices and funding instruments”. The Swedish Minister of Environment, Ms. Karolina Skog, participated in the concluding session of the congress “Livable cities for climate adaptation” and stressed that “ecological projects are social projects. Nature-based solutions, done together with citizens, help cities adapt to climate change and also make them more livable”.

You can see Krista Kampus’ presentation and other videos from the Conference on UR Play.

For more images see the CBSS Flickr.

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