Introducing the latest Human Trafficking 2016 – Baltic Sea Round-up Report


HT_round-up cover trspThe Council of the Baltic Sea States Task Force Against Trafficking In Human Beings (CBSS TF-THB) presents you with the second Human Trafficking 2016 – Baltic Sea Region Round-up report.

Access the full report here.

Three years have passed since our first Round-up 2013 report was presented (accessible here). Our Member States have continued their work in counteracting human trafficking and protecting individuals affected. 

The Round-up report provides an easily accessible macro-regional snapshot, which outlines the directions of counter-trafficking work in the Baltic Sea Region. The report covers the period of time from 2013 until 2016 and contains chapters on each Member State. 

The country profiles give a brief overview of the current situation in the area of trafficking in human beings, national legal and institutional framework and recent changes in the legislation. Each country profile also contains a summary highlighting the national coordination mechanism, main stakeholders and their mandates, as well as best practices and statistical data for 2013–2015.

The report also summarises the initiatives of the Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings, and includes a separate piece on the current trends in human trafficking, as well as a collection of views expressed by different national and international trafficking experts on the future challenges and topical issues.