PA Secure’s FIRE-IN project presented first year results at Annual Dissemination Workshop

On 26 June 2018, 80 experts in the field of fire and rescue, researchers, representatives from national rescue services, civil protection agencies, NGOs, innovation and the industry from 15 countries gathered for the first Annual Dissemination Workshop of the FIRE-IN project. The workshop was hosted by the National Fire Corps (Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco – CNVVF) in Rome, Italy, at Instituto Superiore Antincendi (I.S.A.).

What happens if a truck transporting dangerous chemicals collides with a train? A fire starts in a tall building or in a mountainous area? What are the rescue procedures in different countries? What resources are available? How ready are the rescue services? What can we learn from the experiences abroad? Are there any existing or emerging technologies which could help?

Answers to these and similar questions were in the focus of the workshops for civil protection agencies, firefighters and researchers from eight EU countries within the FIRE-IN project. The workshops took place at the beginning of 2018 to gather up-to-date information on the existing challenges and best practices in Fire & Rescue across Europe. 90 experts shared their views on capability gaps in five thematic workshops in Rome, Berlin and Barcelona. During the Annual Dissemination Workshop on 26 June, the participants were briefed about the preliminary results, which will be summarised and shared among the practitioners, research and industry later this year.

The CBSS is a task leader in the project, responsible for developing the communication and dissemination strategy and tools, and acting as a bridge between the Baltic Sea Region networks, such as CBSS Civil Protection Network and the FIRE-IN consortium.

Read more about the project and the event on PA Secure’s website.

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