Project Support Facility

THE CBSS PROJECT SUPPORT FACILITY (PSF) was created at the 9th Baltic Sea States Summit in Stralsund, Germany, on 30 – 31 May 2012. During the first PSF period (2013-2015, with additional funding based on voluntary contributions of the CBSS Member States in 2016) 23 projects were funded.

The main purpose of the CBSS PSF is to co-finance the development and implementation of Baltic Sea Region (BSR) cooperation projects contributing to CBSS long-term priorities, bringing added value for the Baltic Sea Region, showing impact in regional cooperation and fostering sustainable partnerships. The total amount of the CBSS PSF for three years is one million euro.

The CBSS Committee of Senior Officials called upon by the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the Warsaw Declaration of 8 June 2016 to “explore ways and means of project support for the implementation of the long-term priorities of the CBSS” and agreed at the CSO meeting in Stockholm on 30 November 2016 to continue the CBSS PSF. The revised PSF Manual is anticipated for a three-year funding period from 2017 to 2019 with one call per year. With this revised Manual the CBSS aims at increased efficiency and transparency during the new PSF period.

The CBSS PSF is an instrument to finance project preparation and implementation, in relation to the 3 long-term priority areas of the CBSS:

Regional Identity,  aiming to develop and foster the concept of Baltic Sea Region identity and a sense of belonging to the Baltic Sea Region through engagement, dialogue, people-to-people contacts, macroregional networks and multilevel governance.

Sustainable and Prosperous Region, working towards developing the Baltic Sea Region as a model region of sustainable societies able to manage and use resources efficiently, and to tap the economic, technological, ecological & social innovation potential of the region, in order to ensure its prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion.

Safe & Secure Region, with the goal to enhance societal security and safety in the Baltic Sea Region and to ensure that people of the Region are protected from and resilient to violence, accidents and emergencies through preparedness, and safeguarded against harm caused by criminal exploitation and human trafficking.  


– The projects should be transnational in character and aim to have a sustainable outcome.

– The maximum amount of co-financing granted is 65 000 euros.

– The project proposals may be initiated by a variety of legal entities of CBSS Member States, as well as CBSS Expert Groups and CBSS Networks.

With the launch of the CBSS Project Support Facility, the Council of the Baltic States takes one more step on the road towards a more project oriented regional cooperation.


The deadline for applications submitted within the priority area Sustainable development for a prosperous Baltic Sea Region, were on 15 April 2017.

A total of 23 applications were received and 5 applications have been selected by the PSF Selection Committee (SC) and approved for the PSF funding by the CSO.

Here  you can see the overview of the CBSS PSF 2017 funded projects.

The CSO will select no later than three months in 2018 prior to the publication of a call one priority for the next year on the basis of a proposal provided by the PSF SC.

Here you can see the overview of the  CBSS PSF 2013-2015 and 2016 funded projects.

Please download the PSF application form here.

For more information please download the PSF Manual.

Applications with all required documents shall be submitted to the CBSS electronically at and CC: and also by post to the address:

Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat
Slussplan 9 P.O. Box 2010
SE-103 11 Stockholm

The CBSS Secretariat will endeavour to notify all applicants as to the outcome of their application within one month period after the CSO decision.

Applications that have been selected for financing will receive an explanation of the action required to complete the contractual procedures.

PSF project reporting templates 2013-2015 & 2016: Technical Implementation Report and PSF Financial Statement Report.

PSF project reporting templates for 2017-2019: PSF Progress Report 2017-2019 (if needed), Technical Implementation Final Report and PSF Financial Reporting template 2017-2019.