Safe & Secure Region projects

Strengthening the Role of Municipalities in the Work against Trafficking in Human Beings in the Baltic Sea Region

This project was a follow-up to the projects ADSTRINGO, DEFLECT, “Development of the model MoU”, and “Fostering NGO-Law Enforcement Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking in, from and to the Baltic Sea Region” successfully implemented by the CBSS Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB). The project ensured the sustainability of the achievements already made by supporting activities at the national level in ten CBSS Member States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, and Sweden. The project partners were ministries and other state institutions and non-governmental organisations responsible for the coordination of anti-trafficking efforts. The main aim of the project was to strengthen capacity and role of the municipalities to work against trafficking in human beings in the respective countries.

The project’s activities included a baseline assessment of the role of municipalities in the chain of assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings; a regional expert group meeting; the development of specific guidelines for municipalities on how to successfully deal with cases of trafficking in human beings, and how to develop local referral mechanisms; translation and dissemination of the guidelines.

Project partners:

Latvia – The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia

Lithuania – The Association of Local Authorities

Sweden – County Administrative Board of Stockholm,

Norway – Ministry of Justice and Public Security,

Poland – Ministry of Interior,

Estonia – NGO Living for Tomorrow

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Baltic Law Enforcement Analysis Cooperation

The development of cooperation between Baltic Sea Task Force on Organised Crime (BSTF OPC) and Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) is one of the targets listed under the Action Plan of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). A potential flagship project is included in the Action Plan to meet the target. The idea of the Baltic Law Enforcement Analysis Cooperation (BALANCE) was to define the needs for cooperation and create a basis for a future joint cooperative structure for law enforcement authorities operating in the Baltic Sea Region.

BALANCE’s main aim was to enhance information flows between law enforcement authorities operating in the Baltic Sea Region.

Project partners:

Finland – The Finnish Border Guard

Estonia – Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

Denmark – Danish National Police, National Centre of Investigation NCI,

Germany – Federal Police Directorate Bad

Iceland – Icelandic Coast Guard,

Latvia – Latvian State Border Guard,

Lithuania – State Border Guard Service HQ,

Norway – National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS),

Poland – HQ of the Border Guard,

Russia – BG Directorate FSB Russia on St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region,

Sweden – Swedish Coast Guard, Kustbevakningen Regionledning NordOst,

Norway – Baltic Sea Task Force Organised Crime (BSTF OPC)


Turnstone+ was a project between the Border Guards, Border Police and Police organisations in Gdansk, Klaipeda and Stockholm. The project aimed to fight serious cross-border crime in the Baltic Sea Region, especially in terms of human trafficking and illegal migration. It combined intelligence information activities, as well as operative actions, in order to create comprehensive measures to reduce criminality. Activities were implemented together with law enforcement agencies in Helsinki, Tallinn, and Riga. The project focuseed on the exchange of information concerning criminals traveling by air and ferry and was designed to facilitate the exchange of information during the need of immediate action. Turnstone + is a development of project Turnstone which was funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme (ISEC).

Project partners:

Sweden – Border Police Division of Stockholm County Police

Poland – Maritime Regional Unit of the Border Guard

Poland – Regional Police Headquarters in Gdansk

Lithuania – State Border Guard Service at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

Improved Anti-Trafficking Efforts: Baltic – Russian Cooperation Network

The project “Improved Anti-Trafficking Efforts: Baltic – Russian Cooperation Network” is a new initiative by leading anti-trafficking NGOs from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and the Red Cross branch operating in the St. Petersburg area. The initiative aims to strengthen the expertise of anti-trafficking professionals, improve information sharing, and extend trafficking prevention efforts. The trust helpline services that will be achieved through this project will help experts from the involved states to identify new groups-at-risk subjected to trafficking threats, and new forms of trafficking. By drawing on best practices from past projects, the action will allow identification of more trafficking cases, both domestic and international, that will be referred to law enforcement. The project will require public-private partnership, and will help the involved CBSS members states to implement both CBSS priorities as well as address the recommendations by U.S State Department`s 2013 Trafficking in Person Report.

Project partners:

Latvia – Association Shelter Safe House

Estonia – NGO “Living for Tomorrow”

Lithuania – NGO “Caritas Lithuania”

Russia – NGO “St. Petersburg International Cooperation Centre of the Red Cross”

Strengthening cooperation in the fields of prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children in the BSR

The project is aimed at further strengthen prevention of all forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children by means of increased cooperation between stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region. Within the project authorities and organizations working or interested in development of work in the field of prevention of children and young people involvement into commercial sexual exploitation as well as best practices in this field will be identified in the Baltic Sea States.

Project partners:

Russia – Regional NGO Stellit

Poland – Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje (Nobody’s Children Foundation)

Lithuania – Caritas Lithuania

Norway – ECPAT Norge (ECPAT Norway)

The project Joint Approach to Tackle Organised Cross-border Crime in the Baltic Sea Region (JATOC) aims to implement the project recommendation of the concluded Baltic Law Enforcement Analysis Cooperation (BALANCE) project led by the Finnish Border Guard and partners from Baltic Sea Region Member States from April 2014 to December 2015. The project will set up a conceptual model for the joint regional analysis and encourage best practices of national Criminal Intelligence Systems between the participating member states law enforcement agencies to define common guidelines for further cooperation to tackle organised crime in the Baltic Sea Region. The long-term aim of the project is to increase the relevance of the CBSS in the Baltic Sea Region in tackling organised crime and criminal entities.

The project hopes to create more synergy between the Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation and the Baltic Sea Task Force on Organised Crime as well as with the EU Policy Cycle on shared activities and actions relating to cross border crime, and has set out to identify possible funding sources for future projects and actions to counter cross border crime in the region. The project has been identified to be of relevance to all of the Baltic Sea Region States, as well as to Europol and Frontex.

Project Partners:

Latvia – State Police of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia, Central Criminal Police Department

Estonia –  Police and Border Guard Board

Finland – National Police Board

Finland – Finnish Border Guard

Latvia –  State Border Guard of the Ministry of the Interior

Latvia – Ministry of the Interior

Latvia – Customs Police Department of the State Revenue Service

Lithuania – State Border Guard Service at the Ministry of the Interior

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