European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)

Since the adoption of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the according Action Plan interaction with the various facets and levels of the Strategy actions have grown – this is especially noticeable since the latest revision of the Action Plan in February 2013. Post revision the CBSS broadened its interaction from co-coordinating a Priority Area focused on Civil Contingencies (previously PA14, currently PA Secure) to also taking on a formal role as co-coordinator of two Horizontal ActionsNeighbours and Climate (former ‘Sustainable’).

Another development saw the re-formulated PA Crime further detailing the Action: Combatting trafficking in Human Beings by nominating the Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings project ADSTRINGO as a flagship to specifically address the objective to prevent trafficking in human beings for forced labour. The CBSS as an organization has also noted the developments of affiliated inter-governmental networks of the CBSS increased engagement with the Strategy – such as VASAB co-coordinating the Horizontal Action Spatial jointly with CBSS Strategic partner HELCOM as well as the direct engagement of ARS Baltica alongside the Monitoring Group on Cultural Heritage in PA Culture, through flagships. The Finnish Presidency 2013-14 and the concentration on coherence actually followed through on one of the PA Culture objectives to build an efficient framework of Baltic Sea Region cultural cooperation with their follow up meeting in Kotka, Finland in May 2014 to the first joint meeting of the Senior Officials Group on Culture, the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture and the Monitoring Group on Cultural Heritage in May 2012 in Greifswald, Germany. BASREC is also specifically mentioned under PA Energy, giving special attention to certain types of renewables, energy, and aspects of energy efficiency. The Baltic Sea States Civil Protection Network is, of course, working intrinsically on all levels with PA Secure. Out of the total of eight inter-governmental networks – six are engaged in the work of the EUSBSR directly.

The CBSS Secretariat has taken on the following roles:

Policy Area Co-coordinator for PA Secure

Senior Adviser, Mr. Janusz Gaciarz, +46 8 440 19 26
Project Officer, Andriy Martynenko,
Policy Officer, Nina Jernberg,

Horizontal Action Leader for HA Neighbours

Senior Adviser Daria Akhutina, +46 8 440 1936,

Horizontal Action Leader for HA Climate

Senior Adviser, Ms Krista Kampus, +46 8 440 1930,
Policy Officer, Mr Valdur Lahtvee, +46 8 440 19 37,