Sustainable & Prosperous Region

Sustainable & Prosperous Region is one of the renewed long-term CBSS’s priorities. Regional cooperation contributes a lot to improved living standards in the BSR. We believe that joint efforts and expertise of the regional countries in searching for efficient solutions countering modern challenges give a strong impetus to sustainable economic and social development, healthy societies and dynamic ecosystems in a balanced and integrated manner.

The Baltic Sea region (BSR) remains a highly competitive and prosperous part of the European and global economy. According to the Baltic Sea Index the Baltic Sea Region’s strengths are education and innovation. In 2011 the Region created an annual GDP of around €1,350 billion. It comprises to about 11% of the aggregated European Union GDP. The GDP is expected to strengthen from 2.4% in 2013 to 2.9% in 2014. The population of the Region is 57.3 million people of which 27.7 million comprise economically active. The Baltic Sea region share of the global cargo is 15% or 839 million tonnes handled by all the BSR ports.