Baltic TRAM: Transnational Research Access


Baltic TRAM (Transnational Research Access in the Macroregion) is an international project which seeks to strengthen the relationship between analytical research institutions and business, by establishing structures for cooperation between companies and researchers and linking expertise to concrete industrial needs. The project will develop a “Smart Cooperation” strategy, to be formulated on the basis of national research strategies and feed into the regional research and innovation agenda.

Baltic TRAM is embedded in several cooperation structures of the Baltic Sea Region. On the one hand, this project belongs to the EUSBSR flagship “Baltic Science Link” under the EUSBSR Policy Area Innovation.

On the other hand, Baltic TRAM brings to the fore the CBSS mandate in science, research and innovation cooperation. For almost a decade, or in other words, since the 2007 Chair´s Conclusions adopted in Riga, the CBSS has reinstated its intention to engage more actively in strengthening science-related cooperation. Baltic TRAM serves as one of the most recent examples how this commitment is translated into practical steps.

To read more about the role of Baltic TRAM in the CBSS Science, Research, and Innovation Agenda please go to Chair’s Conclusions from the CBSS Science Ministers’ Conference called Baltic Science: Renewing the Commitment to Science/Research Joint Actions in the Baltic Sea Region

The importance of science and innovation cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region has been further outlined in the  BSPC Conference Resolution adopted at the end of August 2016.


Why? The overall objective of the project is to boost innovation, secure the implementation of smart specialisation strategies, and encourage entrepreneurship by supporting small and medium size enterprises, thus contributing to the regional effort of making the Baltic Sea Region innovative, sustainable and competitive. The specific objective is to secure sustainable demand for research infrastructures, to address the concept of open data access, and ensure the existence of cooperation structures between analytical research institutes and companies at national, regional and international level.

How? The project will facilitate and expand the cooperation between national Industrial Research Centres to serve as interfaces between analytical research institutes and companies. Invited companies will be provided with consultations and access to research facilities to test their ideas and products. Furthermore, the project will provide a benchmarking analysis on the national roadmaps for research infrastructures and smart specialisation strategies, and provide recommendations to policymakers.

When? The project runs from March 2016 until the beginning of 2019.

Where? The project has a transnational character and is being implemented by partners from all EU member states in the Baltic Sea Region. The establishment of industrial research centres will be realised in all eight participating countries.

Who? The project is led by DESY, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, in close dialogue with fifteen project partners and five associated organisations from the entire Baltic Sea Region.

Baltic TRAM Kick-Off Event took place on 7-8 March 2016 in Zeuthen/Berlin, Germany. The meeting gathered 16 project partners, associated organisations and guests from the region and beyond. During the kick-off, the project partners were provided with insight into other European initiatives in the field of research and innovation. The ambition is to link the upcoming project activities to ongoing processes in order to secure synergies and ensuring efficient outreach to the relevant target groups. To read more on this event please go here.

As follow up of the Kick-Off discussions the Baltic TRAM project organised a partner meeting on 10 June 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. This event addressed the challenges faced by analytical research infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe.

On 5 – 6 September 2016 Baltic TRAM partners are meeting at the premises of the CBSS Secretariat to discuss the progress of project´s work packages. Further consultations took place to finalise the preparatory works for the Baltic TRAM Opening Conference on 26 October 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

On 22 September 2016 Baltic TRAM will be discussed during the Fehmarnbelt Days 2016 seminar titled “Northern European Excellence and Innovation Cluster”. The seminar focused on structures which are needed for better research-industry cooperation, looking at how academia can support companies in their innovation processes.

The first meeting of Baltic TRAM High Level Group took place on 27 October 2016 in Hamburg. Prior to discussing the details of the report and other project deliverables, the attendants of the first Baltic TRAM High Level Group meeting reflected on the main outcomes of the Baltic TRAM Opening Conference which took place on 26 October 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Baltic TRAM was presented to the stakeholders of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region during the 7th Strategy Forum on 9 November 2016 during the session “Achieving knowledge-driven innovation and growth in the Baltic Sea Region”. B

Baltic TRAM was also discussed during the meeting of Four Regional Councils of the North on 28 November 2016 at the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm, Sweden. CBSS Secretariat will take part in the Baltic TRAM Work Package Leaders´ meeting on 14 December 2016 in Turku, Finland.

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Baltic TRAM website:

Strategic documents covering Baltic TRAM: Polish Chair’s Conclusion from CBSS Science Ministers’ Conference held in Kraków, Poland, on 15 – 16 June 2016 called “

Polish Chair’s Conclusion from CBSS Science Ministers’ Conference held in Kraków, Poland, on 15 – 16 June 2016 called “Baltic Science: Renewing the Commitment to Science/Research Joint Actions in the Baltic Sea Region

Conference Resolution adopted by the 25th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) on 30 August 2016. Policy Area Innovation – Strategy Guide: Putting the Action Plan into practice Policy Area Innovation Monitoring Guide

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