The Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings marks its 10th Anniversary in Reykjavik

On 24 October the CBSS Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB) marked its 10th anniversary with a reception and special performance organised by the CBSS Secretariat and the Icelandic Ministry of Interior in the framework of the CBSS Icelandic presidency, honouring the ten year of CBSS work against human trafficking.  At the 6th Baltic Sea States Summit in Reykjavik on 8 June 2006, the Heads of Government welcomed the initiative to integrate the successful work of the Nordic-Baltic Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings into the CBSS framework. Since then the TF-THB has been an open exchange forum and reference point on human trafficking issues and is proud to be recognised and acknowledged as a significant player on a macro-regional level, as well as internationally.

The anniversary event took place at Tjarnarbíó theatre and was moderated by Hildur Dungal, the Icelandic Chair of the CBSS TF-THB. In her opening words, Ragnhildur Hjaltadóttir, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior of Iceland, highlighted the fact that every year women, men and children are trafficked to, through or from the Baltic Sea Region for the purpose of exploitation. Ambassador Maira Mora, CBSS Secretariat Director General, in her remarks focused on the TF-THB work with shifting trends, needs and methods for addressing this problem. With involvement of ministries, experts and Member States the TH-THB has through the years managed to develop innovative and hands on solutions for the benefit of the whole region. Vineta Polatside, Senior Adviser & Head of Unit TF-THB, then opened the floor for an overview of the 10 highlights of the TF-THB work throughout the years, presented by Jan Austad, Norwegian delegate of the CBSS TF-THB, and Reda Sirgedien, Lithuanian delegate of the CBSS TF-THB.

The highlight of the anniversary event was the special performance “Try Human- An Attempt to be Human” by the Swedish choreographer Disa Krosness, together with dancers Emelie Wahlman and Moa Autio. As explained by the choreographer “in a world of explained and intellectualised experiences, Try Human longs for emotions and a non-verbal bond between humans – from inside and out.”

The evening also included the launch of the of the latest edition of the TF-THB Roundup Report on Human Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region, which will be accessible on the CBSS website on 8 November. 



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