14th Meeting of Directors General for Civil Protection in the Baltic Sea Region held in Gdańsk on 8-9th June 2016

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The Polish Presidency of the Civil Protection Network organised the Directors General Meeting in Gdańsk on 8 – 9th June. Gen. Gustaw Mikołajczyk, Deputy Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service in Poland welcomed the participants and summarised the key initiatives of the Polish Presidency in the CPN. The meeting agenda comprised of following issues:

  • Baltic Leadership Program: discussion on institutionalisation of the programme
  • Summary of the workshops in Warsaw 7th -8th April 2016
  • Summary of the seminar “Enhanced cooperation in the EUSBSR PA SECURE” held in Kraków on 11th -12th May 2016
  • Establishing interactive map of the Research Institutes in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Setting up a calendar of regional exercises
  • Lessons learned from Forrest Fires in Sweden
  • Sendai Framework for Action – Building Resilience to Disasters in the Baltic Sea
  • Programme of the Icelandic Presidency in the CBSS
  • The Presidency Bell Handover Ceremony

Directors General agreed to continue the BLP – high-profile training programmes addressed to civil security agencies management and specialists in various areas of crisis management. The programmes conducted so far have proven to be an efficient tool for strengthening agencies’ capacity in international cooperation and helped develop common approaches to hazards in the BSR. The programmes will be renamed Baltic Excellence Programme (BEP) and organised  by the  CPN Troika (three consecutive CPN Presidencies) biennial.

The Polish Presidency presented conclusions from the workshop “Baltic Sea Region civil protection capacities for international response” held in Warsaw on 7-8th  April, 2016. Two new initiatives emerged as the results of the workshop: setting up a calendar of exercises, meetings, seminars and workshops organised in the BSR in the national and international formats. The calendar will be a part of the PA Secure webpage. The second initiative is developing an interactive map of the research institutions dealing with civil security issues in the BSR. Both initiatives were endorsed by the CPN DGs and were seen  as positive steps towards making  international cooperation in the civil security area more operational and better fitting to the needs of agencies.

Ms. Helena Lindberg, Head of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, presented the recommendations and lessons learned from the Swedish Forrest Fire in July – August 2014. Ms. Lindberg focused on the impact of the disaster and the following improvements made to the existing crisis management system in Sweden.

PA Secure Coordinators presented conclusions from the seminar held in Kraków on 11-12th  May 2016. A wide range of recommendations to further enhance  the  cooperation in the civil security sector in the BSR has been reviewed. DGs endorsed the mandate for the PA Secure to elaborate advanced version of the recommendations along the lines outlined in the discussion paper distributed amongst the meeting participants.

Ms. Paola Albrito, Director of the UNISDR Europe Office, presented key issues related to the Sendai Framework implementation in the BSR, emphasising the importance of setting up cooperation networks on the national and transnational level, as tools for  disaster prevention and resilience building in the BSR. Her recommendations were followed by discussions of best practice in implementation of the Sendai Framework in the BSR.  She invited representatives of the civil protection agencies to take part in the 7th Annual Meeting of the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction (EFDRR) in Helsinki, 4-6 October 2016.

The traditional round table session was held, during which the Directors General presented their recent national works and achievements, the state of play of ongoing initiatives and the future challenges in civil protection.

The 14th Meeting was concluded with the Presidency Bell Handover Ceremony: Mr. Hjálmar Björgvinsson, Superintendent of the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police took over the presidential insignia from Mr. Tomasz Kołodziejczyk, Director of the International Cooperation Department, the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service of Poland.





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For more pictures from the 14th Meeting of Directors General for Civil protection in the Baltic Sea Region  see CBSS Flickr album.

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