The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) welcomes the summer fresh from the Baltic Sea Days in Turku with a new set of organisational priorities. In addition, the CBSS Secretariat will be heading off to Almedalen, Gotland, where we will hold several seminars, one on talent and one as part of the International Day, which focuses on sustainability in the Baltic Sea region. We invite you to read about all of this in our June edition below.

June 2014

CBSS Presidency handover


On 1 July 2014 we bid farewell to the Finnish Presidency for 2013 - 2014 of the CBSS and welcome the Estonian Presidency for 2014 - 2015. A Presidency briefing for the Council of the Baltic Sea States Member State representatives and Observer State representatives based in Stockholm was held on 16 June 2014 where the Chair of the CBSS Finnish Presidency for 2013-2014, Ambassador Satu Mattila, presented the achievements of the Presidency year and the incoming Estonian chair, Ambassador Raul Mälk, outlined the Estonian Presidency thoughts and priorities for their Presidency period. The Estonian Presidency will take a practical and pragmatic approach prioritizing continuity and efficiency with a focus on the three renewed CBSS long-term priorities: Regional Identity; Sustainable & Prosperous Region; and Safe & Secure Region. More information on the priorities of the Estonian Presidency will be available on the CBSS website from 1 July.

International Day and Balticlab at Almedalen


The CBSS Secretariat is organising two events at the Swedish annual political week Almedalen taking place in Visby, Gotland 29 June – 6 July 2014. On 30 June the CBSS Secretariat & the Swedish Institute will organise the seminar Baltic is the New Black: Bringing about fresh thinking in the region through Balticlab. The seminar is a showcase of ideas by creative industry professionals and entrepreneurs as a basis for dialogue on how to further Baltic Sea regional cooperation and branding by mixing the establishment with young talents and emerging subcultures. Guests include Danish MP Uffe Elbaek, as well as the founder of Rättviseförmedlinge Lina Thomsgård. Sign up for the event and the reception at 

On 1 July 2014, CBSS, under its incoming Estonian Presidency and within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, arranges the international event We cannot do it alone – how to save the sea on shores across borders – an International Day. This one day event will raise awareness on the environmental status of the Baltic Sea as well as present and discuss cross-border cooperation to save the Baltic Sea waters while ensuring prosperous economies and promoting sustainable development on land. More information at

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Baltic is the New Black, 30 June, Almedalen, Visby

International Day, 1 July, Almedalen, Visby

Renewed priorities


The Council of the Baltic Sea States has decided after an evaluation and review of the CBSS five long-term priorities, approved at the 7th Baltic Sea States Summit, held in Riga in 2008, to mainstream three renewed long-term priorities for the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The priorities are Regional Identity for fostering a Baltic Sea Region identity and intensify contacts supporting its further development; Sustainable & Prosperous Region for developing the Baltic Sea Region as a model region of sustainable societies able to manage and use resources efficiently, to tap the economic, technological, ecological and social innovation potential of the region in order to ensure its prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion, and contributing to the eradication of obstacles hampering the comprehensive and sustainable development of the region; and Safe & Secure Region for enhancing societal security and safety in the Baltic Sea Region and  ensuring that people of the Region are protected from and resilient to violence, accidents and emergencies through preparedness, and safeguarded against harm caused by criminal exploitation and human trafficking.

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Declaration of the Council of the Baltic Sea States on the implementation of the Vilnius Declaration 2010 on A Vision for the Baltic Sea Region by 2020


At the eighth Baltic Sea States Summit held in Vilnius in June 2010, the Heads of Government adopted A Vision for the Baltic Sea Region by 2020. Four years later, as part of an acknowledgment of the achievements and an understanding of the necessity to maintain focus in meeting the ambitious goals laid down in the Vilnius Declaration, the Council of the Baltic Sea States on 20 June 2014, adopted a set of recommendations and calls for action, which serve as a mid-way point of departure for the next six years. The call outlines a broad palette of cooperation mechanisms and initiatives in the region, with calls covering the fields of sustainable development, economy and labour market, child rights, and civil protection.

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Turku Baltic Sea Days, 1-5 June 2014


The first week of June was marked by the Turku Baltic Sea Days which gathered over one thousand stakeholders in Turku, Finland for five intensive days of seminars, workshops and various other Baltic Sea region oriented collaborations. Events included the 16th BDF Summit and the 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, organised by the Baltic Development Forum and the European Commission and hosted by the Finnish CBSS Presidency and the City of Turku, which attracted a high level of Finnish government representation, including the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Economy, Minister of European Affairs and Trade and the Minister of Environment, as well as the Prime Minister of Estonia. The last Committee of Senior Officials meeting under the Finnish CBSS Presidency also took place during the Baltic Sea Days at the picturesque Bengtskär Lighthouse in the Turku archipelago.

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