° N 52 Degrees and Above – a travel guide to the shores of the Baltic Sea



To mark its 25th anniversary, the Council of the Baltic Sea States has launched a travel guide to the contemporary landscape of the Baltic Sea Region.

The Baltic Sea Region is a special place where all capitals are located above 52° North. The region spans from Reykjavik to Moscow, from the coastline to the mountain ranges. There is a sense and appreciation that comes from living in a place that enjoys short but light summers, tempered by long and dark winters. In this guide we make the journey from 52 degrees to 65 degrees up north. Here we have collected a number of choices that capture at this very point in time what represents the potential of the region – to present the region as a whole, in a travel guide that has not grouped these countries together before.

The book maps places to stay, eat at, and see in each capital of its 11 member countries, together with short 48h getaway suggestions beyond the capital. Each chapter also introduces you to some of the locals who call this corner of the world home. The countries included in the book are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

See the digital version of the book or visit 52 Degrees And Above on Tumblr.

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