CBSS Secretariat engaged in the EU-wide campaign Back to School 2017 in Latvia

On 11 – 13 April 2017, for the first time the CBSS Secretariat participated in the EU-wide Back to School 2017 campaign in Latvia. Communication & Research Coordinator Zane Šime discussed European topicalities in the context of the Baltic Sea Region and informed about the CBSS supported youth initiatives students of Olaine 1st High School, Cēsis State Gymnasium, as well as Riga 31st High School and Riga 46st High School.

In order to support high school pupils interested in writing their research papers on topics related to the Council, the CBSS Secretariat presented to the school libraries hard copies of the latest CBSS Annual Reports (of the Finnish, Estonian and Polish Presidencies’), as well as other publications coordinated by the Secretariat, such as Assessing the Status of Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region: A Macro-Regional Perspective.

The Europe-wide campaign Back to School 2017 (Atpakaļ uz skolu 2017 – in Latvian) in Latvia is organised by the Representation of the European Commission to Latvia in cooperation with the youth organisation „Club „House” – youth for united Europe.

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