CBSS Discussions Ahead of the Europe Day Celebrations in Latvia

On 18 April 2019, the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat participated in the campaign “Back to School 2019 & Back to University 2019” in Latvia ahead of the annual Europe Day celebrations.

During visits to the Riga 31st & 46th High Schools, Zane Šime, Communication & Research Coordinator, presented the CBSS work, recent high level discussions on science and research held under the Latvian CBSS Presidency at the Academic Centre of the University of Latvia, the projects ‘Baltic TRAM’ and ‘Baltic Science Network’.

Doing so, the high school students got a glimpse into how the EU is engaged in one of the key governance forums of the Baltic Sea Region, as well as recent developments of two multilateral science and research initiatives funded by the EU and endorsed by the CBSS.

In order to support high school pupils interested in writing their research papers on topics related to the CBSS, the CBSS Secretariat presented to both schools a set of hard copies of publications such as reports “The Baltic Sea Region – A Science Powerhouse”, “Baltic Science Network Learning Experiences” and “Baltic 2030 Bumps on the Road: How the Baltic Sea States are performing on the SDGs”.

This year Europe Day discussions were held with a focus on sustainability topics. Baltic TRAM results captured in the Briefing Note 1/2019 “Baltic TRAM Smart Specialisation Trends” were briefly introduced in order to offer a sneak peek into the research and development processes characterising the business sector and its shift towards environmentally conscious and sustainable practices and product development. Due to this thematic angle, this year’s Back to School discussions were registered as an EU Green Week 2019 partner event.

The campaign “Back to School 2019 & Back to University 2019” (Atpakaļ uz skolu 2019 & Atpakaļ uz universitāti 2019 – in Latvian) in Latvia is organised by the Representation of the European Commission to Latvia in cooperation with the youth organisation “Club ‘House’ – Youth for United Europe”.

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