Polish Presidency 2015-2016



Sustainability, Creativity, Safety

Synergy in Diversity

During the Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States Poland focused on three areas of cooperation which were in line with the three long-term CBSS priorities agreed in June 2014: Regional Identity, Sustainable & Prosperous Region, Safe & Secure Region. The three Presidency priorities were named: Sustainability, Creativity and Safety.

Poland enhanced coherence and synergy among various stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region, including the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, by organising three Joint Meetings.

Poland chaired the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region National Coordinators meetings from July 2015 till June 2016 and the VASAB Committee from July 2015 till December 2016. Poland also chaired the Steering Committee of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) until September 2015 and took over the chairmanship of the Steering Committee of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) for the year 2016.

Poland revived the political dialogue in the region by organising meetings of Deputy Foreign Ministers, Ministers for Culture and, for the first time in history of the organisation, Ministers for Science.

Poland inspired a thorough discussion on the future of the CBSS and the Baltic Sea Region as a whole.

Poland put a lot of emphasis on making the cooperation more efficient and easily accessible to all stakeholders, also by promoting video link participation in the meetings.

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Main meetings of the Polish Presidency (in chronological order):

1st CSO meeting in Gdańsk (15 September 2015)

Baltic Sea Cultural Gathering (15-18 September 2015)

9th Meeting of the Baltic Sea Region Ministers of Culture in Gdańsk (16 September 2015)

8th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum in Gdańsk and Malbork (22-23 September 2015)

2nd CSO meeting in Warsaw (27 October 2015)

Joint Meeting on Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation in Warsaw (28 October 2015)

Baltic Sea Labour Forum Round Table in Gdańsk (18 November 2015)

3rd CSO meeting and Annual Consultations with the Observer States in Stockholm (2-3 December 2015)

4th CSO meeting in Warsaw (8 March 2016)

Warsaw Seminar on the future of the Baltic Sea cooperation (9 March 2016)

5th CSO Meeting and the 3rd Joint Meeting with the EUSBSR National Coordinators in Warsaw (12-13 April)

During the 6th CSO Meeting in Stockholm (25-27 April 2016), a draft of the Warsaw Declaration was discussed. Moreover, candidates for the new Director General were interviewed.

During the 7th and 8th CSO Meetings in Warsaw (19-20 May and 7 June 2016), the draft of Warsaw Declaration was further elaborated. Additionally, the revised Terms of Reference of the Expert Group on Maritime Policy were endorsed by the CSOs during the 8th CSO meeting in Warsaw.

14th Meeting of Directors General for Civil Protection in Gdańsk  (8 – 9th June 2016)

Deputy Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Warsaw (8 June 2016)

First Science Ministerial Meeting in Kraków, Poland (16 June 2016)

Presidency Handover Ceremony in Visby, Sweden (5 July 2016)


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