Endorsement of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan: Realising the Vision

Baltic2030On 20 June 2017, the Baltic 2030 Action Plan: Realizing the vision was endorsed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic Sea Region and a representative of the EU at the Ministerial by the adoption of the Reykjavík Declaration.

The meeting was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Established in 1992, the Council has worked on bringing the Baltic Sea Region together around the themes of sustainable development, children´s rights, counter trafficking, education and culture, amongst others.

The approval of the Baltic 2030 Acton Plan is an important landmark for the CBSS and its Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 2030 as well for the whole region:  it provides a strategic framework for future collaboration between the BSR countries and presents a new, common vision of sustainable development for the Baltic Sea Region. It applies the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals to our macro-regional context and provides a general road-map for working together — across all countries, sectors, and stakeholders — to achieve them.

Furthermore, the Action Plan encompasses six focus areas — thematic topics prioritized for regional collaboration — and six activation processes — recommended cooperative activities that will help fill gaps, stimulate greater engagement, and add value to existing regional collaboration efforts. Climate change is one of these focus areas, and the framework presented in this Action Plan emphasizes low-emission development and climate-resilience, as these remain critical challenges and areas of priority in the Baltic Sea Region.

The work on  the implementation of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan will start under the incoming Swedish CBSS Presidency as one of Sweden’s priorities.

See an overview of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan in English.

See an overview of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan in Russian.

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