Ethical aspects of adaptation to rising sea levels – SEA-RIMS project kick-off

CBSS Baltic 2030 Unit is a partner in a new multi-disciplinary project – SEA-RIMS, which started this week. During the next 5 years researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Philosophy Division and Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) together with 6 municipalities from the south of Sweden will look into potential ethical problems caused by the rising sea levels. The project will produce scenarios and tools to be used by municipal and regional decision makers in creating long-term adaptation plans. How will the coastal communities deal with existing infrastructure, historical buildings and new developments if the sea rises 1 meter? 2 meters? 4 meters? What decisions should be made to ensure smooth adaptation and to prevent potential conflicts of interest and loss of infrastructure? What models and visualisations should they be based on? These and other questions were discussed during the 2-days  kick-off meeting in Båstad.

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