The EUSBSR Priority Area Secure Steering Group Meeting & Structured Brainstorming Workshop in Krakow

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The PA Secure Steering Group Meeting

The 5th EUSBSR Priority Area Secure Steering Group Meeting was held in Kraków (at the International Cultural Center MCK) on Friday, 13th May 2016. The participants overviewed the progress achieved by the priority area flagships projects, discussed issues of Baltic Leadership Prorgamme institutionalisation and agreed upon recommendations on this matter for the Directors General for Civil Protection, as well as considered the granting of flagship status to new projects. The next meeting will be held back-to-back to the 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR – Vision 2030, on 10th November, 2016 in Stockholm.


Structured Brainstorming Workshop, Krakow (Villa Decius), 11-12 May 2016

Enhanced cooperation in the EUSBR Policy Area Secure: Identifying and evaluating the options

The workshop was organised within the framework of the EUSBSR Policy Area Secure in partnership with the Polish Presidency in the Civil Protection Network. Since the EUSBSR PAs have been restructured as per June 2015 and with PA Secure now including elements of the former Priority Area Crime and supporting nine flagships, the need to develop a new conceptual basis for future activities has appeared. The new structure allows PA Secure to act in the societal security field regardless of whether the origins of hazards are natural, technological, or man-made, or a combination. During the workshop both malicious and non-malicious threats were considered.

The workshop made an important contribution to identifying the most promising areas and forms of enhanced cooperation in PA Secure in order to build up common capacities and capabilities for societal security in the Baltic Sea Region. The participants, altogether 33 persons, consisted of representatives of civil protection and law enforcement authorities, local rescue organisations, municipalities, voluntary organisations, universities and research institutes, and private actors. One of the results will be the development of new guidelines on how to implement this cooperation in practice, and how to establish the necessary mechanisms and practices. The workshop focused in particular on six cooperation areas, where enhanced cooperation is seen as possible and valuable:

1) Cross-border authority cooperation;

2) Cross- and multi-sectorial cooperation;

3) Local level community and civil society -based cooperation;

4) Research networks and their utilisation;

5) Education, training and exercises;

6) Project generation and the use of project results.

The workshop is one of the steps to a road map and detailed description of the future areas and forms of cooperation between civil protection and law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders on all levels of governance.  This road map will become a subject to be evaluated and validated by all main stakeholder groups. This initiative was co-financed by the Swedish Institute.


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For more pictures from the EUSBSR Priority Area Secure Steering Group Meeting & Structured Brainstorming Workshop in Krakow see CBSS Flickr Album.


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