2nd Round Table on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR called for a climate change adaptation strategy and action plan for the Baltic Sea Region. The transnational multi-stakeholder project Baltadapt, a CBSS-Baltic 21 Lighthouse project and flagship within the EUSBSR, developed a proposal for such a strategy and action plan.

The final proposal document was presented to BSR member states on 3rd September 2013 in Riga, Latvia. The CBSS Finnish presidency has made the continued work on the proposed strategy to climate change adaptation one of their priorities for the year 2013 – 2014. The current proposal for a macro-regional strategy for adaptation to climate change calls for the establishment of a BSR working group, forming a discussion and knowledge exchange platform for member states and other relevant pan Baltic stakeholders and enhancing cooperation the cooperation of different actors in the whole region.

The round table will discuss on the establishment of a BSR working group on climate change adaptation and next steps following-up on the proposed BSR climate change adaptation strategy and action plan. Some of the items that will be discussed are;

  • Proposals on the potential set-ups of a cooperation formats on climate change adaptation (‘ad hoc’ working group, dialogue platform, network etc.) based on draft Terms of Reference that will be prepared by the CBSS-Baltic 21 Secretariat as background material prior to the meeting;
  • Further topics of transnational interest in the field of climate change based on the BSR climate change adaptation strategy and action plan;
  • How to focus climate work, capacity building and knowledge exchange to  BSR municipalities as well as to better facilitate adaptation work on local and sub-regional level through national actions;
  • How to potentially involve pan-Baltic organizations like UBC, VASAB, HELCOM and BSSSC and others, strategically working on climate change in the Baltic Sea Region;

Following the round table, the CBSS Baltic21 Secretariat will report to the 10th meeting of the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development in June 2014.

For more information, please view relevant documents;

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