Extended Meeting of the CBSS Expert Group on Maritime Policy in Reykjavik

On 14 March 2017, the CBSS Expert Group on Maritime Policy (EGMP) gathered for an extended meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The meeting entitled “Maritime Policy: SHARING KNOWLEDGE” brought together about 20 participants from the different spheres connected with maritime economy.

The open discussion, exchange of opinions and best practices have been facilitated during the meeting which concerned a range of topics defined by the EGMP’s members as relevant for common interest, namely – Maritime education and training; Maritime/coastal tourism; Energy efficiency, Green shipping and Renewable fuels for marine applications, Innovation – Autonomous ship technology.

The CBSS EGMP is an important partner in the Baltic Sea Maritime Dialogue, taking full account of the activities within the EU Strategy for the BSR (PA SHIP and PA SAFE) and the Northern Dimension Partnership on transport and logistics. As an intergovernmental group of experts, the EGMP provides – through knowledge-sharing and dialogue – politically coordinated support to relevant efforts, concrete initiatives, actions and projects.

These actions and collaborations intend to support the improvement of the Baltic Sea Region’s international competitiveness in regards to development of the sustainable maritime economy and to establish the Baltic Sea Region as a model region for maritime best practice.  Further, the EGMP strives for a balanced co-existence of a successful maritime economy, using the attractiveness of the Baltic Sea Region as a safe and secure destination, particularly in times of global unrest.

Please find all the presentations held during the meeting below.

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