Gathering young people’s voices for a vision for the Baltic Sea Region beyond 2020

On 1-2 February 2018, the CBSS Secretariat welcomed youth representatives from the CBSS Member States in Stockholm to give input and insight on forming the future role of the CBSS in the Baltic Sea Region, an initiative requested by the CBSS Vision Group.

The task of this independent group was to present statements for a vision for the Baltic Sea Region and the role of the CBSS beyond 2020. Further, the young people identified three key policy areas to focus on – sustainable development, education and security – which have been elaborated deeper during the ensuing CBSS Vision Group meeting on 6-7 February 2018. Given the various ages, backgrounds and experiences the discussion amongst the young Member States representatives proved to be dynamic and fruitful throughout the whole two days. The Youth Vision Group meeting was indeed the perfect opportunity to hear the voice of the younger population and their ideas for greater cooperation, resulting in new perspectives and fresh ideas for the Baltic Sea Region and its development.

One of the highlights of the two-day-programme was the inspiring presentation by freelance curator Svante Helmbaek Tirén on “Working curatorially”,  highlighting the importance of youth cooperation and focusing on dialogue and open-mindedness as an essential aspect of culture and creativity. He also presented one of his ongoing projects “Shared History” at Färgfabriken, Stockholm. The project’s creative research process approaches issues such as policy making, judicial and geographical borders, statistics, identity, public opinion and post-truth information related to migration and integration in Sweden, Poland and Latvia, but with a Baltic scope.

The outcomes of this meeting have been presented during the second meeting of the CBSS Vision Group, the task of which is to elaborate a report with recommendations for a vision for the Baltic Sea Region beyond 2020 and the means to expand its impact as a forum for political dialogue and practical cooperation in the region.

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