HEUNI Report- Exploitation of migrant workers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania: Uncovering the links between recruitment, irregular employment practices and labour trafficking

It is an honour and pleasure to present the publication Exploitation of migrant workers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania: Uncovering the links between recruitment, irregular employment practices and labour trafficking.

This publication is a compilation of four independent research reports commissioned under the umbrella concept of ADSTRINGO – Addressing trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation through improved partnerships, enhanced diagnostics and intensified organisational approaches. ADSTRINGO is a flagship project of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) under the Priority Area – Crime. The partners of the ADSTRINGO project are the Council of the Baltic Sea States Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (CBSS TF-THB), The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI), the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and the University of Tartu in Estonia.

Read more about ADSTRINGO and the report here.

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