Invitation to Tender for Executive Recruitment Services for CBSS Secretariat

Requested services

CBSS requires assistance in recruiting a new Director General of the CBSS Secretariat.

The CBSS Secretariat seeks bids from well-established executive recruitment companies with ability to recruit throughout the Baltic Sea region and with proven experience in the field of recruitment for executive positions in public sector organizations.

The services requested from the recruitment company will be to:

  • Advise on the final design of the Vacancy Notice based on a job description agreed by the CBSS Member States and the European Union;
  • Advise on publishing channels (pro-active executive search (head-hunting) services will not be required);
  • Receive and handle all applications;
  • Interview eligible applicants with a view to provide an assessment of the applicant’s managerial skills and ability to lead a complex international secretariat; 
  • Establish a shortlist of 5-7 ranked candidates, which all fully meet the competence requirements and all have strong proven track records for the main tasks of the Director General;
  • Be available for a meeting with the CBSS Presidency and other interested Member States to explain how the shortlist has been assembled and the justification for the ranking of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Place of delivery

Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Eligibility

Contractors in any Member State of the CBSS may submit proposals.

  • Subcontracting

Full subcontracting will not be authorized; partial subcontracting may be admitted.

A bid may be made by a consortium of legal and/or natural persons. In such a case the leading partner must be designated and take full responsibility for successfully providing the contracted service.

  • Submission of Tenders

The offers must be submitted by email: and must arrive no later than by close of business on 24 January 2020.

  • Documents to be submitted by tenderers

The Tenderer must submit the documents/information listed in Annex 1 (document available at the bottom of the page).

All correspondence relating to this invitation for tender must be done in English. The Awarding Authority reserves the right to request further information from tenderers after receipt of their documents. Tenderers will be immediately notified of the receipt of their bids.

  • Duration of contract

The Awarding Authority intends to have the contract period begin in February 2020 until delivery of the requested services.

For more information and instructions, please see the document below:

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