The New Baltic 2030

Baltic 2030: Renewing the commitment to sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region

The new Baltic 2030 provides the place for cooperation on sustainable development in the region.

With the adoption of the Baltic 2030 Declaration, the CBSS Member Countries reaffirm their commitment to take “bold and transformative steps, which are urgently needed” to increase the speed as regards to achieving sustainability for the Baltic Sea Region. The countries agreed to elaborate an Action Plan on sustainable development – “Baltic 2030”. The aim is to proactively contribute to implementing the global Agenda 2030 and to support regional governance on sustainable development, to shift our region to a sustainable and resilient path.

In the coming months the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 2030 will elaborate an Action Plan, leading up to our political seminar Walk the Talk – Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic Sea Region

With a renewed mandate to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, all pan-Baltic organisations and regional councils are invited to join the conversation. The organisations, which have already joined us include the Nordic Council of Ministers, HELCOM, the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission, Union of  the Baltic Cities, VASAB, Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation, Baltic Development Forum, Baltic University Programme, Coalition Clean Baltic, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building & Planning, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the European Environment & School Initiatives.

We welcome an inclusive approach and encourage you to contact Ms Krista Kampus, Senior Adviser & Head of Unit for Baltic 2030, the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat, at

Access the full Baltic 2030 Declaration here.

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