New Report on Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region

“Assessing the Status of Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region: A Macro-Regional Perspective” is a publication commissioned by the CBSS  Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 2030 and compiled by the Baltic University Programme and the Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development.

This background study is aimed at enabling fruitful cooperation between the Baltic Sea States in implementing and pursuing the 2030 Agenda and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and serves as a resource for developing governance for sustainable development in the region. Further, the report includes suggestions on how to organise the work for the global SD Goals in the future. Together with two special studies on climate change and sustainable consumption and production, the report gives a broad overview of the state of affairs in the BSR and summarises the knowledge in relation to governance features, which are viewed as central for enhancing sustainable development governance capacity.

You can download the three parts of the report below.

Assessing the Stuats of SD in the BSR  Case Study 1  case study 2

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