Protecting Children on the Move

Protecting Children on the Move: Special considerations and procedures in transnational cases

The Children at Risk unit is coordinating the project PROTECT Children on the Move in 2013-2015. Five expert meetings aiming to identify child rights standards and key agencies responsible for protecting children exposed to exploitation and trafficking in cross-border situations will be organized in cooperation with partners in Europe and beyond. The first Expert Meeting on Case assessment and best interest determination: Special considerations and procedures in transnational cases of children exposed to exploitation, trafficking, and children at risk was held at the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm on 28-29th of January 2014.

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The participants, a group of over forty experts, represented local and national authorities, UN Agencies, national and international NGOs, service providers and practitioners from the Nordic and Baltic States, representatives from Member States of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The outcomes of the project include a report and an online tool outlining relevant laws, policies and procedures as well as responses to issues faced by child welfare and migration authorities in relation to the return of child victims of exploitation and trafficking.

The project is financially supported by the European Commission´s Return Fund and CBSS.

To read more on PROTECT and other Expert Group on Children at Risk activities click here.

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