Ars Baltica

ARS BALTICA supports cultural cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, advocates for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promotes cultural life around the Baltic Sea. Its a cultural framework, gathering and offering information on different aspects within the arts and culture sector through network-building and by supporting the implementation of multilateral cultural projects.

The organisational structure of ARS BALTICA mirrors the strength of the network: all the ARS BALTICA Member States are represented with at least one delegate in the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee. The national desks give input to the daily business of ARS BALTICA, which is run by the ARS BALTICA Secretariat. At their meetings which usually take place in spring and autumn each year, they take strategic decisions.
The national desks are placed in institutions which have both cultural and political functions in their respective countries (e.g. ministries of culture, arts councils, cultural institutes etc.). Owing to this structure the ARS BALTICA Committee Members stay in a close relation to both policy-makers and cultural operators. ARS BALTICA reports to the Senior Officials Group for Culture of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and to the Conferences of Ministers of Culture of the Baltic Sea States, on the initiative of whom the network was created in 1991. For more information see
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