Safe & Secure Region

Creating a safe and secure region

Our goal is to make everyone feel safe and secure and at home in every corner of our region.  We strive to improve the well-being of our communities, build trust and capacity to jointly respond to unexpected hazards and emergencies.

This task is supported by several specialized CBSS networks and structures. Well-developed cooperation exists in the fields of law enforcement, including cross-border anti-crime networks, border guards, prosecutors and civil protection professionals. To safeguard against flooding, forest fires, radiation leaks and extreme weather conditions, several projects within the European framework are currently active.

To protect the most vulnerable in our societies, the CBSS has also two particular expert groups: Expert Group on Children at Risk and the Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings. These groups, gathering responsible ministry and authority representatives from our Member States, tackle the cross-border criminal acts of exploitation and trafficking in its various forms.

Increasingly, the CBSS has also been focusing on migration and integration, with a holistic soft security approach.

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