Cooperation with other entities & strategies


The cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region is guided by a number of frameworks and strategies. Eight of the CBSS Member States are members of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The CBSS Secretariat co-coordinates one policy area (Policy Area Secure) and one horizontal action (Horizontal Action Neighbours). Additionally, the Secretariat through its Baltic 2030 Agenda, coordinates Horizontal Action Climate.

Russia has a complementary North West Russia Strategy and is currently in the process of updating this strategy.

These strategies utilize different funding mechanisms, such as INTERREG programmes, Member State financing, as well as seed money facilities.

In the North, there are 4 regional councils, which together form the 4 Sister Councils (Arctic Council, Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Council of the Baltic Sea States & Nordic Council of Ministers). These Councils support cooperation in the Arctic, Baltic, Barents & Nordic area. In light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, increasingly these 4 organisations collaborate on sustainability, gender equality, inclusion of young people, as well as childrens rights and counter-trafficking.

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