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Baltic 21 meets the environmental, social and economic challenges facing the Baltic Sea Region by developing a multitude of sustainability projects. Each one with the most suitable partners and tailor made methods. We call these projects Lighthouse Projects. They are the core of our work and within their frameworks we find, develop and test practical solutions for sustainability. Lighthouse Projects are either developed within the Baltic 21 network or in ad-hoc working groups especially designed for this purpose. They conform with a set of criteria specifically focused on value-added contribution to the regional sustainability and high visibility. Findings or outcomes of a Lighthouse Project are transformed into general policy recommendations that can be applied in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, introduced and promoted on different political levels such as national governments, the European Commission and the United Nations. The Lighthouse Project Quality label is being awarded by the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development. Currently there are 8 ongoing Lighthouse Projects. The projects SPIN, EcoRegion and New Bridges ended in the end of 2011. EHSA – Ecosystem Health ended in November 2012. Agora 2.0 terminated in December 2012.

effect logo dev 26 10 12 Dialogue Platform on Energy and Resource Efficiency, EFFECT EFFECT’s main aim is to map, communicate, foster and learn from good practice solutions on eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region. The project will attract and enable cities, villages and BSR sub-regions as well as other relevant actors from the local, regional, national and pan-Baltic level to jointly develop and implement policies and concrete actions on becoming more energy and resource efficient, sustainable and resilient, while stimulating a greener economy. In the long term these activities will contribute to the creation of resilient societies and the promotion of the Baltic Sea Region as a green region. The project has been developed with a view to flagship “Creating a network of sustainable cities and villages” in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region under Horizontal Action Sustainable Development, in close cooperation with the flagship Lead, the Swedish National Board for Housing, Building and Planning. Furthermore EFFECT received the status of a CBSS Baltic 21 Lighthouse project at the 6th EG B21 meeting in November 2012. 11 partners from Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Belarus are cooperating in the project that runs from September 2012 until August 2015. One of the main results will be a larger project application with an extended partnership to one of the first calls under a new EU financial framework 2014 – 2020. The project therefore welcomes additional interested parties, especially from currently not participating countries within the Baltic Sea Region to become associated partners. The project is led by the Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS, Baltic 21 Unit and is also contributing to the implementation of the CBSS Strategy on Sustainable Development 2010 – 2015. The project officially kicked-off 21st – 23rd November 2012 with a main event in Stockholm. The kick-off meeting was back to back with the ReNERGY project also focusing on similiar topics. Both projects are funded by Swedish Institute, SI Baltic Sea Cooperation as Thematic Partnerships. More information on the project and documentation from the kick-off meeting can be found in the right-hand menue. The second partnership meeting was held 25 – 26 June 2013 in Malmö, Sweden. The event was arranged in cooperation withe Nordic Russian Green Growth Arena, funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. A first peer to peer visit took place in Petrozavodsk, Russia on 21 – 23 October 2013. So far, the project has developed two main outputs in form of written reports:

The 3rd project partner meeting is planned for June 2014. The 2nd peer to peer review will take place in March 2014. Contact: Sam Grönholm Project Officer Sustainable Development, CBSS-Baltic 21 Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat, CBSS P.O. Box 2010 103 11 Stockholm Sweden Phone: +46 8 440 1920 Email: 

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