15th meeting CBSS EGSD

Chaired by Ms. Danfríður Skarphéðinsdóttir, Ministry of the Environment, Iceland, the meeting started with the participants describing the work of their countries and organizations on SDGs, and informing the assembly on occurred or upcoming events. What followed was an engaging and open brainstorming workshop, during which the participants agreed on the key elements, format and a timeframe for elaborating an Action Plan for SDGs implementation in the BSR, “BALTIC 2030”. The workshop was skillfully facilitated by Alan AtKisson of AtKisson Group, who characterized the discussions as effective and fruitful despite complex matters involved. Selected conclusions from the workshop:

  • While addressing all the SDGs and providing vision, the Action Plan should be defining the most relevant areas for macro-regional cooperation
  • The process should be inclusive on all levels, but allowing manageability
  • The drafting could start during the CBSS Icelandic Presidency and could be concluded by the end of the Swedish Presidency (June 2018)

Other meeting highlights:

Download relevant documents:

Assessing the Stuats of SD in the BSR  Report on preliminary implementation of SDGs in BSR



Photos from the meeting:


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