Towards Baltic 2030 – From Talk to Work. Final event in Stockholm

Final steps for the project Towards Baltic 2030 – From Talk to Work.  Financed by the Swedish Institute, the project is set up as a partnership reflecting the variety of Baltic Sea Region countries and governance sectors. After traveling around the region and collecting inputs on challenges and needs in terms of capacity for the implementation of 2030 Agenda, the project team presented the findings at the final event in Stockholm. The audience consisting of  embassy representatives, academia, ministries, municipalities, private sector and NGOs were presented with the latest developments in  SDGs implementation in the Baltic Sea Region and shared their own work.  The unique composition of the participants provided an opportunity for a truly multilevel dialogue and allowed the Baltic 2030 unit to collect valuable inputs for the Baltic 2030 Action Plan and for the creation of a regional collaborative portal on SDGs. A theme repeatedly brought up in the discussion: to reach all the society levels  SDGs should be properly communicated, preferably through proper “story-telling”. Baltic 2030 unit will prepare recommendations for follow-up activities, based on numerous suggestions voiced by the participants.

Presentations, photos and the participants list from the event can be downloaded below:

Baltic 2030-Activation process for SDGs, Krista Kampus, CBSS

Towards Baltic 2030-Project Results, Olga Zuin, CBSS

Baltic 2030-Action Plan Preview, Alan AtKisson, AtKisson Group

2030 Agenda in Sweden, Mia Crawford, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Communicating SDGs with Talking Canvas,  Helena Lindemark and Erik Ottosson, Talking Canvas, Hållbar Utveckling Sverige AB

SDGs and NGO perspective, Janis Brizga, Green Liberty

BUP-Student contributing to SDGs, Madeleine Granvik, Baltic University Programme

Global goals become local reality in Växjö, Karin Hopstadius, Växjö Municipality

Collaborative platfrom, Andriy Martynenko, CBSS


Participants list



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